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As the largest pre-mixed feed enterprise in China, Dabinong mainly provides farmers and farmers with products and services with high added value, covering animal husbandry technology and service, planting technology and service, and agricultural Internet.

The company's products mainly include livestock and poultry feed, veterinary medicine vaccines, breeding pigs and crop seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, agricultural Internet and financial services.


In 1993, Dabinong was established.

In 2001, it entered the seed industry and plant protection industry.

In 1994, the "551" Suckling pig material was successfully developed to break the foreign monopoly.

In 2010, a-shares went public.

In 2002, it entered the animal protection industry.

In 2015, agricultural Internet distribution.


The main business of Dabinong covers three fields of breeding technology and service, crop technology and service, and agricultural Internet. The products it provides mainly include pig feed with scientific and technological content, livestock and poultry feed, veterinary medicine vaccine, breeding pig and rice and corn crop seeds, agricultural Internet and industrial chain technology and financial services. Transgenic breeding technology is in the lead, with a continuous high investment in research and development for 8 years. The transgenic breeding of soybean and corn has been developed to the fourth generation, and the first-generation and second-generation breeding technology is approaching maturity.

Pig breeding sector

The pig breeding of Dabinnang Group has been distributed on 8 platforms in different regions of the country. Except for some breeding pig off-site groups, which hold about 40-49% of the shares, the group mainly adopts the asset-light mode of company + farmers or family farms. The production and management are dominated by employees. At present, there are more than 300 cooperative farmers, with an average of 2,000 hoarders per family. The average investment of a single farmer is in the construction of two pig houses, with 1,000 hoarders in a single building.

The feed plate

The feed sector takes pig feed as the core, mainly focusing on high-end and high-grade premix, trough feed, high-grade sow feed and other products research and development and market promotion services. The market share of high-end pig feed is 20%, and the front-end and high-end feed are the key products in the feed sector.

Seed industry

The company's seed industry includes hybrid and transgenic varieties, mainly rice and corn varieties. According to the data from the National Agricultural Technology Center at the end of July 2017, the company independently selected and approved rice variety C Liangyouhua, which covered an area of 3.26 million mu in 2016 and became the largest hybrid rice variety in China. The company is absolutely leading in transgenic technology in China, investing more than 100 million yuan in research and development (including traditional breeding) every year, and has been developing for 8 years. Transgenic soybeans and corn have been developed to the fourth generation, and the current first-generation and second-generation technologies are approaching maturity.

Move to protect

Animal protection business, CSFV vaccine market share of the first or second.

Its interconnection

At the beginning of 2015, the company established Beijing Nongxin Internet Technology Co., LTD., integrating the main businesses of the company, focusing on pig management, pig trading, pig finance and other services with pig network as the main line and pig network as the first entrance. At present, the company has preliminarily established an Internet pig raising ecosystem with pig farm as the core.

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